Hundreds of Arabs attack IDF vehicles During IDF Operation

by Leah Rosenberg

Flocks of Arabs attack army vehicles as the IDF tries to catch a vicious terrorist. He murdered a 19 year old girl in a way that is too difficult to hear.

The Brutal Murder of a Teenager

A teenager. That is exactly what Ori Ansbacher was. Just 19 when she was savaged on February 7, 2019 by a Palestinian Arab terrorist. He took away her dreams. She will never get to be married and have kids. Ori never made it passed her teen years because of the vicious hate of her killer. It is heartbreaking. It is impossible not to feel sad when tragedies like this happen to the Jewish people. What the family is experiencing is something that no one should ever know of.

Are the Israelis really the oppressors? When a 19 year old is brutally murdered in a forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem, are the Israelis really the ones who are the aggressors? The murderers? Is that what the world wants to tell the parents and family of Ori? A Jewish girl was murdered for the “crime” of living in her homeland. The world needs to wake up and see what is happening!

When Will Peace Come?

When can there be peace? Definitely not when the Palestinian Arabs attack army vehicles for arresting a murderer. Definitely not when they don’t want a killer to be brought to some form of justice. They hate Israel, the IDF, and the Jews. They praise violence, murder, and death.

So no, peace is not about giving up land, making concessions, or anything of the like. For far too many Palestinian Arabs, peace is about murdering all the Jews. There is no such thing as peace in their world of hate.

Col. Kemp

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