How the Jewish people respond to darkness

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people have had a history of ups and downs. How did they manage to overcome persecution after persecution and rebuild after loss?

The Secret of the Jewish People

The Jewish people have suffered throughout the centuries. Yet, they are a giving, loving, peaceful people. They are happy and celebrate often. How? It seems that the answer lies in this song. The Jews “light one more than the night before.” They are always looking to spread the light into the world. Jews do not dwell in the darkness. They look how they can bring more good to an ever-changing world.

Sometimes, the world is filled with suffering. But if you choose to bring more light instead of less, everything can change.

The Powerful Words

The words of the song are really meaningful and deep.

The course definitely stands out as powerful. The words are:

One more than the night before
When darkness comes we raise our torch and
Light one more
One more one more.

That is the message of the Jewish people. Things do not always look so good. But the Jewish nation has kept its head held high since the beginning of time. They look toward the future instead of living in the past. They take their history with them but without sulking in what has happened.

The holiday of Hanukkah reminds Jews about the miracle of light. There is an entire holiday dedicated to it! And there is so much meaning behind the miracles. But what is so special is that the holiday is all about lighting “one more than the night before.”

Motivation for Terror
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