How the Jewish Exodus from ancient Egypt helped abolish Black slavery

by Avi Abelow

The Jewish Exodus from thousands of years ago did not just affect the Jewish nation. Take a look at how it helped create the abolitionist movement.

Jewish Exodus Gave Blacks Hope

It is amazing how interconnected American history is with Israel and the Jewish people. The Jewish Exodus is not just talked about and learned about amongst the Jewish nation. Throughout American history, the Bible played a major role in key events that shaped America.

This video shows just one example. But it is truly amazing to hear about the Bible throughout American history. Maybe you knew it beforehand or maybe you heard it here for the first time, but it is a reminder of how important the Bible is. The fact that enslaved Blacks looked to the Jewish Exodus for hope is remarkable. The fact that Harriet Tubman was referred to as “Mama Moses” shows how much the Bible played a role in ending Black slavery in America.

Don’t Forget Your Roots

Sadly, it seems that some Americans today have forgotten their roots. They have forgotten that the country they are trying to obliterate was actually based off of religion and the Bible. They have forgotten that Black slavery was abolished thanks to brave, Bible-believing people who risked their lives to make sure their people would be free. And they succeeded.

Americans – please do not forget your roots. Do not forget how you got to the place you did today. And please, do not forget that your country was founded on Biblical grounds with G-d at the forefront.

Motivation for Terror
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