How Far Off The Deep End Has The Gay Pride Movement Gone?

by Phil Schneider

What used to be a small trend of some people quietly choosing to live a homosexual lifestyle has grown into a massive movement of promotion of alternative lifestyles to children of all ages. What used to be a very minor aspect of life in America has now grown into a disturbing trend expanding exponentially.

What is driving this disturbing trend is not a natural evolution of human nature. It is an attempt to distort and modify the way that young children and older children view their essential nature as boys and girls. It is an attempt to change the way that people look at their very nature itself. It is an attempt to modify the way that the family unit is viewed.

Why is there such a strong, seemingly obsessive push to force down the throats of so many people the alternative lifestyles of the homosexual community? It is not a simple question to answer. Here is one stab at an explanation.

The alternative lifestyle is an attempt to literally change society as we know it and make society shift in such a way that the world will be different than we know it today. Since it is against the laws of nature that have existed since the Creation of the world, many of the people who are promoting their alternative lifestyles are subconsciously or consciously aware of the fact that what they are doing is unnatural. But rather than deal with the problems that they have, they choose to try to make the world adapt to their problematic lifestyle.

This is akin to people who have an alcoholic problem deciding to spread alcoholism to the entire world in order to make sure that their own drinking problem can persist. Of course, this is a non-politically correct perspective, and it could indeed be wrong, but it is certainly a legitimate opinion.

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