The City Of Hebron: Where It All Started

by Phil Schneider

Hebron is a city that features the Cave of Machpela, a 2,000+ year old building that stands atop the location where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried. It is a city that is largely inhabited by Arabs today, but has a small and growing Jewish community that is rebuilding what was once a flourishing Jewish community.

The Jewish community of Hebron existed for decades before 1929. It did not number many thousands of people. but the community had a thriving Jewish community that actually lived very happily with it’s Arab neighbors for many decades.

It all changed one day in 1929, very suddenly, when a massive crowd went rampaging and attacked the Jewish community mercilessly. Hundreds of Jews were maimed, killed, or wounded by bands of marauding Arabs. The entire Jewish community had to run away and vacate the city. No Jewish people lived in Hebron till the city was liberated in 1967. Soon after, the Jewish community began to rebuild the city that was the site where King David first became a King.

But the story of Hebron goes back much longer than that. It is the location where Abraham and Sarah lived, where Isaac and Rebecca lived. It is where Jacob and Leah lived. And it is also the site of the first purchase of Land by the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

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