How an IDF Paratrooper’s Unusual Accident Ended up Saving his Entire Family

by Leah Rosenberg

Erez was training to be an IDF paratrooper in the 1990s. But an accident changed the course of his life forever. And ended up saving him.

The IDF Paratrooper and Divine Providence

This story is unbelievable. How can someone not see G-d’s hand in a story like this? Erez was just training to be an IDF paratrooper. He never expected such an unusual accident to happen to him.

It is amazing that he picked himself up after and didn’t let his disability stop him. And what is even more amazing is how he ended up viewing something that seemed bad as something that ultimately saved his life as well as his family’s life.

The only reason he survived that terror attack during the intifada was because of his disability. He never could have imagined years before that his disability would save him from Arab terrorists.

We can’t always see G-d’s plan. It took years before Erez could understand possibly why his accident happened when he was training in the IDF. But that’s part of our job in life: To believe that G-d has a plan. G-d has a reason for everything, even if we can’t always see it. No, it is definitely not always easy to have faith. But it is always worth it. Letting go and believing is comforting. To know that life is not up to chance but is Divinely orchestrated is calming.

This story is an unbelievable example of how G-d puts things in place. Can someone really look at a story like this and say it was all “chance?”

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