How a famous Israeli bakery is bringing peace to the Middle East

by Leah Rosenberg

What a truly special family the Abulafia is. They have created more unity amongst Jews and Arabs because of their unique bakery.

The Coexistence Bakery in the Middle East

Did you know about this bakery in Tel Aviv before watching this video? It is those like the Aboulafia family that have the ability to create a new Middle East and an Israel filled with peace. Yes, world leaders can try their best. Politicians can claim they have the answer to bringing peace in the Middle East. But in reality, this bakery is doing the job way better. This Arab family is passing down the key to peace; generation after generation.

And the thing is, this special family has not only done things to benefit themselves. Hearing about Khamis Aboulafia, who recently passed away in November 2020, and how he donated $100,000 to restore a historic synagogue is beautiful. If only there were more people in the world – both Jews and Arabs and others – who were like him. He even was public about his support for coexistence between Jews and Arabs. Some might feel strongly about good relationships between the two people, but they might be afraid to express their beliefs.

Israel would be a completely different place if more people educated their children like the Aboulafia’s do. Their respect and love for the Jewish people and their traditions is commendable.

May we soon have a day where the traditions and love at the Aboulafia bakery is the norm and not something unique.

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