Former Leftist made the entire movement question everything

by Phil Schneider

There are people who are waking up and realizing that what attracted them to the Left were open-mindedness and liberal values. But today, the leftist movement has become dominated by close-mindedness. It is infused with cancel culture, and persistent attempts to erase the differences between men and women.

This is the story of a young woman who realized from the inside that the values of the left are antithetical to those who believe in freedom and open-mindedness. the conservative movement today should be the natural home for freedom-loving and non-racist opinions. It is the movement that believes that accountability is an important part of life and racism is not an essential aspect of the life of Americans anymore.

What confuses the issues often is the history of America’s racism. Of course, it is true that the United States has a rich history of racism and slavery. But between the 1940’s and the 1960’s, the sea change happened. Culminating in the Civil Rights Law that was passed by Lyndon Baines Johnson, the United States of America turned the corner on racism. What is left today are vestiges of the past, just like other non-tolerant attitudes still persist in the United States. But, it does not pervade America the way that leftists often argue.

The freedoms that exist in the United States are indeed the source of all that is good in the United States. Let’s not let some vestiges of the past confuse us about the realities of the present.

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