Bibi Said This On Election Night

by Micha Gefen

With votes still being counted and results between the blocks remaining unclear, one thing that is obvious to everyone is that either Prime Minister Netanyahu will be prime minister again or Israel will be going to a fifth election.

Prime Minister Netanyahu began to thank his supporters and ministers as the results began to take shape.

With most of the counting finished it appears that without Saar, Likud under Bibi does not have the 61 seats he needs. It only has 59 seats. In the coming days tremendous pressure will be placed on Saar to change his mind about joining a Netanyahu government.

One other possibility is that Netanyahu can form a minority government of 59 seats with the support of the Raam party under Mansour Abbas from the outside. This would be a shock, but with the Abraham Accords now a fixed part of the life in the region, many Israeli Arabs now believe it is time to be part of Israel’s leadership and build a better country for them as well.

So can Netanyahu do it? It really is not up to him, but rather those whose enmity towards him shows no signs of dissipating – even when the nation seeks to heal.

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