Columbia University to host racially segregated graduation ceremonies

by Phil Schneider

Are racially segregated ceremonies a positive thing? On what level can anybody think that separation and segregation of people is positive? Is freedom for everybody to have the right to feel whatever they want about any issue a reasonable thing?

When young kids are being taught that we are not a unified country, but a fragmented group of individuals with no group identity, it is hard to see the exceptional and uniqueness of the United States. That is what Ronald Reagan warned about when he left office. He noticed that the young people seemed to be losing a connection to the basic values of freedom in the United States. The mindset that has become dominant, especially in places like Columbia University, is one that focuses on rights of anybody and everybody to say and feel whatever they like on every issue. Instead of focusing on responsibilities and the good of the aggregate, values of the Left – that seems exclusively focused on the individual – have become dominant.

The intentions of much of the Left are actually not wrong. It is based on a concern for others. But, it has morphed into a racially based identity focused mishmash that destroys more than it creates. It is time to go back to the basics of respect, responsibility and freedom. We need less canceling of culture, more openness, and true freedom of speech.

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