Horrific Jew Hatred Chants followed by Rioting at Soccer Game in Argentina

by Avi Abelow

Argentinian soccer fans chanted “Killing Jews to make soap” at a soccer game.  A local soccer team had played a team historically associated with the Jewish community.

The game was between two Argentinian soccer teams, – the “All Boys” team and “Atlanta”. The Atlanta soccer team was founded more than a hundred ago in a Jewish neighborhood.  Today it is still assumed by people to be associated with the local Jewish community.  However, today it is a local team with no special connection to the Jewish community.  But that didn’t matter to these fans.

“All boys” fans were upset that their team was losing and then lost, to Atlanta. They let their anger show with the horrific Jew hatred chants.  Then, they followed it up with violent rioting in the streets of Buenos Aires and even clashed with the Buenos Aires police.


Jew Hatred at Argentinian Soccer Game

The “All boys” fans also waved palestinian flags and T-shirts that bear Iranian symbols in the game.  This also showcased their deep antisemitism.

This is from the publication Enlace Judio. Marcelo D’alessandro, the security secretary of the City of Buenos Aires, told a local radio station: “The Atlanta players had been invited, and in the middle of the event the hosts started insulting them with anti-Semitic messages. They even hung a flag of Palestine.”

During the match, an entire section of All Boys fans sang a song of unquestionable anti-Semitic content: “Ahí viene el Albo por el callejón, matando judíos para hacer jabón” (“Here comes Albo down the alley, killing Jews to make soap.)”

“The Argentine Football Association must sanction the club for this anti-Semitic offense,” Shimon Samuels, Simon Wiesenthal Center’s director for International Relations, wrote in a statement Friday.

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