Historic United States Candle lighting at Western Wall with PM Netanyahu

by Avi Abelow

This was a historic Chanukah candle lighting. Never before has a US Ambassador lit the Chanukah candles at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Never before has an US official visited the Western Wall of the Temple Mount together with the Prime Minister of Israel. This holiday, both these historic firsts took place together.


Until President Trump took office, no US President has ever visited the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Presidential candidates visited the Western Wall, including Barack Obama. But NO President ever came once they were elected into office.

It was a rule that Presidents are not allowed to respect Israeli sovereignty of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.  Why?  Because according to the Arab Muslim world, Israel is an occupier at our holiest site.  This is where two Jewish Temples stood, a thousand+ years before Islam began.

Thank You President Trump

This is another huge thank you to President Trump. Now, US officials can officially visit the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has finally removed the taboo of Jerusalem from US diplomacy. Jerusalem is not officially connected to the Jewish people and the State of Israel. And for that we must be eternally grateful.

With that, there is still much wrong with US policy regarding Jerusalem. If a Jew is born in Jerusalem, the US Embassy will not write on his/her birth certificate Jerusalem, Israel. They will only write Jerusalem. Why? Because the State Department still does not want to solidify that diplomatic change in this way. Many US citizens who live in Israel have petitioned for this change, so that their children’s birth certificates can have written Jerusalem, Israel, but it is still forbidden by the State Department.

Still, the fact that the US Ambassador to Israel can now visit the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, light Chanukah candles there together with the Prime Minister of Israel and then return to the US Embassy in Jerusalem, is HUGE.

Chanukah, Judea & Samaria

Did you know that the story of Chanukah took place in Judea & Samaria? Check out the following graphic. Anyone who says that Jews are occupiers of Judea, Samaria or anywhere in Israel, are ignorant of historical facts.

Lag B'Omer

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