Hilarious: The Kamala Harris Moments That Made Even Democrats Cringe

by Phil Schneider

Their are many people who think that it is better that Joe Biden stay as President because the alternative today is the Vice President, Kamala Harris. They have a point. After all, Joe Biden is not really running the show today. It is Obama, and other Obama supporters who are probably largely behind nearly every significant policy decision. So, having Kamala Harris at the helm would probably remove the one thing that Joe Biden brings to the Presidency – some decency. Even if you deeply disagree with Joe Biden’s policy decisions, Joe Biden is generally acknowledged to be a decent person, and he has shown that to be the case in many situations.

Kamala Harris, as opposed to Joe Biden is working at 100% capacity. That is why it was so bothersome that during the race riots that were dubbed the Black Lives Matter riots, Kamala Harris came out squarely in favor of the rioters. What that means is that she supported chaos in the streets, defunding police, and genuinely believed that the police forces across America are racist entities to be weakened.

That could not be more far from the truth. A few rotten apples in any police force is inevitable. But to take it to the extreme and say that police forces should be defunded in order to bring more equity to the world – that’s just plain wacky. The world needs more order, not less. The borders need to be strengthened, not weakened.

These are very basic ideas that Kamala wrong is totally wrong about. What is needed is a total change that will lead to strong leadership and orderliness on the streets across America.

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