Heartbreaking bedtime stories for children living near the Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

All children love bedtime stories. However, this story is unlike any other, many children read books before bed. But this mother tells her child a different story, because they live on the Gaza border.

Gaza and Israel

The Gaza Strip borders with Egypt for 11Km and Israel for 51Km. Gaza is under the rule of Hamas, who was elected into power since June 2007. In 2005 Israel disengaged the Gaza Strip, in the hope it would bring peace. Israel does, however, still have control over water, electricity, telecommunications and other utilities going into Gaza.

The second Intifada broke out in September 2000, this marked the beginning of rockets coming from the Gaza strip into Israeli cities in southern Israel. Since the disengagement in 2005, which had the intention of creating peace, the rockets being shot down on Israeli cities was only made worse.

Since the rocket being shot down on Israel has worsened since 2005, there have been many Israeli military operations in Gaza. Which many have ended in the United Nations calling a ceasefire. Hamas, who is in control of Gaza refuse to recognize the State of Israel, making the relationship between the two countries unpleasant.

The Iron Dome and The Siren

The Iron Dome is an air defense system, it is made to intercept and destroy rockets within a certain range. The Iron Dome system was declared operational in 2011. It works day and night, all year round and under all weather conditions. The idea of the Iron Dome came about when Hezbollah, from Lebanon, was shooting rockets into northern cities in Israel.

The Siren, this is the alarm that is sounded around the area where the rocket might hit. The closer you are to the Gaza Border the shorter the time you have to run to a safe place. Many Israeli cities it is 15 seconds to run. The siren has become a part of Israeli life, especially among young children, were even in the schools they practice running to the safe room.

Living Like This..

No family, no person, whether old or young, single or married. Should have to worry about having 15 seconds to run for their lives to a safe area. This is definitely not a way for children to be growing up. They should be able to ride their bikes outside, play in the park without having to worry where the nearest safe room is.

The Siren can go off day or night , come rain or sunshine. Parents need to grab sleeping children and run them to the safe room, having in mind they only have 15 seconds to grab their children and run to the safe place. The sound of the siren can be scary for many children, unfortunately, hearing it has become part of their daily routine.

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