Building bridges among all of God’s children

by Leah Rosenberg

Building Bridges is an organization that helps deliver food to people all over Israel. These people believe they are doing Gods work and His people all over, no matter what religion they are.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is an organization that delivers food to people all over Israel. Whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, religion doesn’t matter they will deliver to those in need. They make sure those in need have the food they need.

Building bridges is also a phrase people use when trying to make friends between people who have differences. This is a Jewish organization that tried to help build the relationship between all the religions. They believe God has created the earth with enough food for everyone and it is the job of the people to distribute it.

Jewish-Arab Relationship

The Jewish Arab Relationship has been a rocky one. It started when Jewish people were suffering in the countries across Europe and wanted to come back and settle in Israel. It continues when the Jewish People wanted to buy land across Israel, then controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The Arabs wanted the Jews out, even when the United Nations voted on a partition plan, the Jews agreed, the Arabs did not.

After David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel in 1948, all the Arab countries surrounding it, attacked. The Arab nations surrounding Israel do not want it there. Israel, however, has treated the Arab citizens that live with in its borders with nothing but equality. The Jews have tried, always to help when needed.

Jewish-Christian Relationship

The Jewish Christian relationship is different to the Jewish – Arab relationship. Christianity started off with Jesus and his disciples. Christianity does have some Jewish values, they have the New Testament but still believe in the Old Testament, the Bible. Jewish People believe that Jesus, was Jewish and lived in the time of the Second Temple.

Although the Jewish Christian relationship has been relatively peaceful, the Crusades, a series of religious wars, was started by the Christians, killing many Jews. Since the State of Israel was declared in 1948, many Christians have made a pilgrimage to see places where Jesus walked on water, where he walked on water, where he rose from the dead and more.

Motivation for Terror
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