Hasidic Filmmaker Gives Greatest Response to Antisemitic NY Times Article

by Leah Rosenberg

The New York Times published a completely Jew-hating antisemitic article. Here is a great response to that NY Times article.

Antisemitic NY Times Article is Front Page of Paper

The NY Times article that was published bashed Hasidic Jews. It commented on a system that it knows nothing about. Interviewing a few people out of hundreds of thousands of Hasidim gives a skewed report. The article berated the yeshiva education system and its lack of secular studies. It chose to target a religion and culture with the goal of hating on it. The “investigation” did not share the truth. It did nothing to show all the positive aspects of the Hasidic sect of Judaism. The Hasidic sect may not be perfect, but no one is. We all have aspects we need to improve upon. This article did not seek to shed light on some imperfections but rather to castigate Hasidic (and really all) Jews as a whole.

How dare The New York Times publish such an antisemitic article? And how dare they do it on the front page of their newspaper? Although it’s not surprising being that it’s not the first time they have had an antisemitic front cover story.

Can you imagine if they ever did that to any other religion, culture, or sect of mankind? They would never dare to. But apparently, spreading Jew-hatred is allowed.

This Hasidic filmmaker, Boruch Perlowitz, gave a great response. He shared the many positive aspects of his life and sect of Judaism. People should see this video so they can realize that what The New York Times Published was a skewed report. And sadly, the newspaper cannot try to undo the damage they did – even if they wanted to.

On top of it all, it would be interesting if the NY Times would do a report comparing the New York public school system, which does teach secular stuides, to the Chasidic educational system. It will be clear to all, which system has more success in educating kids to be productive, educated and moral citizens of society.

The NY Times has done way more harm than good. They should be ashamed to call themselves “news.”

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