Has the Secret of Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family been Revealed?

by Phil Schneider

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most powerful books ever written by a teenager. Despite all of the analysis about the young Frank’s life, the question has never truly been clarified . Who turned in Anne Frank?

There is now some surprising information that reveals the mystery of how Anne Frank was revealed in Holland. Actually, most of Holland had a rather positive record in terms of how the Jewish people were handled. Many thousands of Jews succeeded in not being caught while hiding out. It was actually a crime to turn in a hiding Jew. But, despite that, Anne Frank did not succeed in not being caught.

Now, 60 Minutes opens up the case that has never really been closed. The betrayal of this heroine is now opening up – more than 75 years later. Holland was invaded by Germany in 1940, and the hiding families had to stay indoors in their hiding spot for more than 2 years. They survived till August 1944 until someone snitched on them.

In the end, more than 3/4 of the Jews in Holland were killed. This expose does not reveal more than one story. But it is the story that reveals so much of the story of survival and betrayal in the darkest period of Jewish history.

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