Daily Arab Terror Against Jews Continues; Leftists Make a Shocking Claim

by Leah Rosenberg

Once again, Jews are attacked in their own homeland by violent Arabs. And what happens? The Left goes crazy and claims it was the Jews!

Daily Arab Terror Against Jews

The lies are part of the EU funded campaign to Israeli Leftist organizations that are out to change the narrative that it’s the Jewish settlers who are violent. They are trying to replace the truth of the daily Arab terror against innocent Jews.

It is absolutely insane that not only are the Jewish people attacked in their own homeland, but then the Left has the audacity to claim it was he JEWS who were the violent ones? These were Jewish vehicles that were attacked by violent Arabs!

Arabs use terror against innocent Jews daily. Innocent Jewish people just driving home, driving kids to school or carpool, are stoned in the roads by Arabs continuously, every day, yet the media now daily pump out stories about Jewish settler violence. In this latest smear campaign, the story is totally the opposite. The truth is that the Arabs stoned the Jews in their cars, and in retaliation the Jews threw stones back. That is not being reported.

Dr. Risch

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