HAPPY RAMADAN: Hamas Fires Rockets At Southern Israel

by Micha Gefen

Like last Ramadan, so too this Ramadan. Hamas rioted in Jerusalem and then when Israel was forced to intervene on the Temple Mount, Hamas used it as pretext to start firing rockets at Southern Israel.

The only difference now is that a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated party is literally part of the government. Can Bennett’s government fight Hamas appropriately in Gaza and in Jerusalem with an Islamist party in the coalition? Most observers believe that Bennett’s coalition will collapse over this.

Hamas’ aim is to create chaos by plunging Israel into a political crisis. After all the best way to win is to expose the leadership vacuum in Israel. Given the fact that the Prime Minister now has only 5 members of his party in his government, it is hard to understand how the State of Israel can function.

With Passover ending and Ramadan soon drawing to a close – Bennett’s government may soon be at its end, but who will be prime minister after him?

Col. Kemp

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