Flag March Goes Ahead – Hamas Threatens War

by Micha Gefen

Although it was not Jerusalem Day, Jews held a Jerusalem flag march to the Old City as a protest against the rising tide of arab terror in Israel – especially in Jerusalem.

Although the flag march was rerouted to go through Shaar Yaffo instead of Shaar Shchem, the march still went on. About 400 marchers took part. Prime Minister Bennett banned MK Ben Gvir of Otzmah from reaching Shaar Shchem. He countered by establishing a makeshift office just outside of the Old City.

With Jerusalem on edge as Ramadan and Pesach converged together, Hamas threatened to start a fresh round of violence if the Bennett government allowed the march. As of this morning Hamas has already fired three rockets at Sderot.

PM Bennett’s government is on track to disintegrate after the Pesach recess is over, ultimately proving that a diverse coalition, dependent on arabs does not work in Israel.

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