Hamas-run police in Gaza arrest and throw Palestinian Arab off building without cause

by Avi Abelow

The police in Gaza is run by Hamas. Here’s what they do to people there! Does the media care? They claim they care about Palestinian Arabs, but do they?

Police in Gaza Run by Hamas

Hamas is causing the people in Gaza to suffer. A Palestinian Arab was dragged from his home by police in Gaza. He was arrested. Why? For no reason. His family said the police threw him off the third floor of a building to his death.

Palestinian Arabs actually took to the street to protest Hamas and what they do. They shouted, “Hamas are murderers! God’s revenge on them!”

Where’s the World’s Outrage?

Did the world speak up? Did the media cover the story? Why is the international world not outraged? If the world truly cared about improving the lives of Palestinian Arabs, they would do something about what’s happening in Gaza! They say they are outraged by what’s happening in Gaza – but that is on the false pretense that Israel is running Gaza. The reason that the Palestinian Arabs are suffering there is because of Hamas, NOT Israel!

The media needs to speak up. The world needs to speak up. And the United Nations needs to speak up. Because that Palestinian Arab can no longer speak up for himself.

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