The Legal Witch Hunt Against Israeli PM Netanyahu

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister. Throughout his two stints as Prime Minister, he has been plagued with legal investigations against him.

He was first elected Prime Minister of Israel back in 1996. Almost immediately after his election, elements within the legal establishment opened up investigations against him.

When Netanyahu was reelected as Prime Minister in 2009, until today, he has been plagued by constant legal investigations opened against him and his wife.

As the longest-serving Prime Minister of Israel, elements within the legal establishment have continued to constantly open up investigations against him. They believe that they will finally be able to indict him, on something.

To me, it is clear, that all along this has been a legal witch hunt against Prime Minister Netanyahu. Watch the video to hear the latest developments and a deep dive on what this is all about.

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