The Hamas-Fatah War Is The Real Story Behind Israel’s Gaza War

by David Mark

There are many narratives that clueless “social-justice” junkies around the world have been peddling about the latest round of confrontation between Israel and the Hamas controlled Gaza. Most of them harbor latent anti-semitic tropes based on “palestinian” propaganda, while others are just plain ignorant about the complex situation that actually exists – not only between Gaza and Israel, but deep within so called “palestinian” society.

The above video shows recent clashes that took place between Fatah and Hamas on the Temple Mount after the ceasefire. These clashes had nothing to do with Israel, but rather whose leadership “palestinian” society follows. This growing fissure between the dueling leaders of Gaza and Ramallah shows no sign of ending anytime soon and remains the single biggest roadblock to any form of a two-state solution.

This is exactly Biden’s push for a two-state solution is nothing other than empty blather aimed far more at Israel than forging a lasting peace.

The truth is, “palestinian” society has never been a unified entity – not even close. Aside from the Bedouin and some Christian Arabs, most “palestinians” come from countless clans originally located in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and even Bosnia and Chechnya. Most came when European Jews came to the Land of Israel bringing increased jobs to the Holy Land.

The constant bickering, infighting, and backstabbing rampant in “palestinian” society makes it near impossible that any real two-state solution will be born. This is what the West just doesn’t get. Addicted to a policy forged out of lies and headlines, the Middle East does not fit neatly into one of its many ongoing post-modern made up injustices, university students and celebrities yearn to fight against.

Israel knows the truth and so do the Sunni-Arab states. This is exactly why the Sunni -Arab states did not rush to support the “palestinian” leadership in the Ramadan war between Israel and Gaza. The “palestinian” for reasons already mentioned above were never really part of the Arab milieu, but rather a made up people and a useful tool that has now lost its usefulness.

The more the US and Western powers as well as ill informed university students follow blindly, they will never see true peace in the Middle East, but rather out of frustration they will vent their loss of the illusory world they want on the one people they love blaming – the Jews. Unfortunately, this is happening across the US and Europe. It is bad already and it is only the beginning.

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