Hamas Exposed for Lying to World about 8 Month Old Gaza Girl “Killed” by the IDF

by Avi Abelow

Remember the 8-month-old baby in Gaza, Layla Ghandour, killed by the IDF? Hamas sold the lie to the world media that the IDF killed her with tear gas. Well, the story was an international tearjerker, with front page stories bashing Israel, in the New York Times, the LA Times and every major media publication. As usual, it wasn’t true. IDF interrogators revealed that the Hamas paid off the family to say the baby was killed. There will probably NOT be a front page New York Times story correcting their erroneous reporting.  But the damage to Israel’s image sticks.

The Lie Exposed

The IDF recently indicted Mahmoud Omar, a 20-year-old Gazan, for infiltrating into Israel and torching an unmanned IDF post.

He revealed to the Israeli investigators that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid his relatives to falsely tell the media that his baby cousin, Layla Ghandour, died of tear gas inhalation.

Layla’s death made headlines around the world last month. The criticism of Israel was harsh and immediate. Israel was crucified by the mainstream media and politicians around the world.  They blamed Israel for its handling of Hamas-spurred violence at the Gaza border fence and the large number of casualties.

He told the interrogators that Hamas paid Layla’s family 8,000 NIS ($2,206) to tell the media that the infant had died due to tear gas inhalation at the Gaza protests. In fact, she died of a hereditary blood disease! Plain and simple – she was not killed by the IDF.

Never Believe “Palestinian” Arab Lies Against Israel

We can never trust the Hamas or the Palestinian Authority about Israeli atrocities they report. Many of their reports are lies which they spread to create headlines of innocents killed by the IDF.

They stage almost everything to make Israel look bad on the world stage! That’s why we call it Pallywood! Hollywood productions for “palestine” to tarnish Israel’s image in the world and gain sympathy for their terror war against us.

Sick and Despicable – Staged “Public” Funeral for the Media!

After Layla’s death, Hamas staged a public funeral for her. They wanted to create tearjerker video footage that would be seen on screens across news broadcasts around the world.

They bury an 8-month-old baby. Then they invite the masses to mourn. And then they invite the media to feature reports about the event and make Israel look horrible.

Here is raw video footage of the funeral that was used by media outlets around the world:

More Pallywood Lies – Jenin “Massacre” of 2002

Back in 2002, the Palestinian Authority officials called upon the world to open up an international inquiry into Israel massacring hundreds of innocent Jenin Arabs. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas had carried out dozens of suicide bombings all over Israel.  They had murdered hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. Israel finally launched operation defensive shield, to destroy the terror infrastructure in Jenin. The IDF did not kill hundreds.  The UN even agreed that the IDF only killed around 50 Jenin Arabs.  Later on, Israel identified most of the Arabs as terrorists. Yet the Palestinian Authority lie that Israel massacred the Arabs sticks to this day.

Here is another proof of their pallywood lies from Jenin 2002

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