Hamas launches new social media cyber attack against the IDF

by Phil Schneider

The cyber war against the free world is a major front of the battle between good and evil. Our smartphones are super powerful devices. But they can be used for either positive or negative activity. The Hamas cyber warriors use it to set up honey-traps and other methods to penetrate smartphones of Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli Army cyber units are probably doing the same thing as the Hamas operatives. After all, all is fair in love and war. So, of course to gather sensitive information from the smartphones of your enemy is part of the new world we live in. Many of Israel’s finest soldiers today are in the cyber units that work 24/7 against our enemies.

The old Mossad

Most of Israel’s secretive actions in the early decades of the State involved spies and local Israel supporters in foreign countries.  Isser Harel was the powerful leader of Israel’ spies in the early years of the State.  Despite a few failed actions, the Mossad became famous for daring and successful operations that proved critical for Israel’s security.

Elie Cohen

One of the most successful operations in Israel’s young State was the Elie Cohen spy story.  Elie Cohen actually became an assistant to the Defense Minister of Syria in the early 1960’s.  He used the cover of an South American businessman and succeeded in building up the confidence of people in the Baath element of Syria.  Israel had information that led them to expect a revolution in Syria and that the Baath party would take over. Indeed, The Baath party took power in the revolution, and there was Elie Cohen ready to be a prime decision-maker lurking behind the scenes.

Golan Heights

One of the recommendations that Elie Cohen gave was on the Syrian Golan Heights.  He toured the area where Syrian soldiers had many emplacements.  He noted that the Syrian soldiers had  little shade and clearly suffered from heat.  So, he recommended that they plant trees that would supply shade to the Syrian soldiers.  In the Six Day War, Israeli planes flew over the Syrian Golan Heights and bombed those trees.  This was an absolutely critical aspect in the battle for the Golan Heights.

The New Mossad

Going forward, Israel will need to send less people over the borders and invest more in cyber technology.  One of the most important elements of Israel attracting it’s best and most talented computer programmers is the reputation that these units have.  Indeed, young student’s in Israel today know that if they make it into one of the Israeli Army’s cyber units then they will probably have an excellent future in the hi-tech world of Israel.  This is why the Start-Up Nation and Israel’s cyber security are intertwined.

Hamas doesn’t have a chance against Israel’s cyber minds, but Israel needs to stay on guard.




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