Hamas breaks ceasefire again and leaves Israelis running for shelter

by Leah Rosenberg

Sadly, Israelis running for shelter is not a sight that is uncommon in Israel. Especially after this weekend where Hamas fired over 200 rockets into Israel.

Israelis Running for Shelter

Why has the world accepted a reality of Israelis running for shelter? Why won’t they hold Hamas responsible for breaking a ceasefire and sending Israeli men, women, and children to bomb shelters? No one should have to live in fear of being injured or killed by rocket fire. But that is life for Israelis living near the border with Gaza. And for Israelis living closer to central Israel as well. It is a frightening life. Hearing sirens. Running to shelters. Hoping that all your loved ones are safe. What kind of life is that?

But the world still blames Israel. They still think Israel is responsible. They still call Israel the oppressor. Does any of this make sense? Take a look at all these videos below. It will give you the tiniest glimpse of what is happening, but it won’t really tell the full story. You won’t know how traumatic it is for Israelis until you live it yourself.

What Ceasefire?

Hamas has once again broken a ceasefire with a barrage of rockets on Israel. They cannot be trusted. A terrorist organization with the stated goal of destroying the Jewish state cannot be trusted to uphold a ceasefire. They don’t care about “rules.” They don’t care about life. Hamas wants to bring about as much destruction as possible.

As the world sits back and does nothing to stop Hamas and terrorism, Israelis are suffering. As the United Nations holds emergency meetings to condemn Israel but not terrorist organizations, Israelis are suffering. And as they continue their anti-Israel bias and double standard against the Jewish people, Israelis are suffering. When will people see the truth?

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