Three Israelis Killed from Hamas Rocket Attacks

by Avi Abelow

Hamas has been hammering Israel with over 500 rockets for a day in a half. Rockets are still falling on Southern Israel as we write this article.

Moshe Agadi, 58, father of four, was killed in a direct hit on his building in Ashkelon from one of the 430 rockets that Hamas launched from Gaza throughout the night. Two other Israelis were just killed from rocket fire that landed on a factory building in Ashkelon.

This is a video of just one of the many rockets that have landed in Israel during the past 24 hours.

Moshe is the first Israeli killed by the more than 400 rockets launched by Gaza terrorists in this latest massive rocket attack. It is a sad day, yet miraculous that more people have not been killed from this massive barrage of rockets. It shows the efforts Israel places to save lives, while our enemies place all their efforts and money in killing our lives, yet not protecting their own. Soon we will totally end the Gaza terror and the lie called palestine. It just was not soon enough to save Moshe’s life. It should have been done years ago, but due to tremendous pressure from world powers, Israel has yet to receive the support necessary to do what is necessary. In the meantime, we continue to suffer.

Moshe Agadi’s house where he was killed.

Moshe Agadi’s brother, Shmulik, told Reshet Bet radio: “Moshe went out to smoke a cigarette between barrages, and didn’t have time to return to the protected area. They tried to resuscitate him but on the way to the hospital they lost him.”

“We always make sure to enter the bomb shelter and be careful, but this time it caught him outside,” Agadi said. He added that his brother had left behind “four children – the youngest girl is 13, she is still in shock, she apparently still cannot digest this.”

Moti Gamliel, Agadi’s neighbor, told Reshet Bet: “He lives 100 yards from us. When we heard the sirens all night, we went straight to the stairwell. We don’t have a safe room in our apartment.”

The neighbor added: “It can’t go on like this, every two years an attack, and then whenever they want a ceasefire they get one. We didn’t vote for Bibi for this to happen.”

Another Rocket Landing in Israel

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