Germany is feeling the effects of its open door policy

by Leah Rosenberg

Germany chose to have their borders be open to all. But they are feeling the consequences of their policy on Muslim migration. And it is NOT good…

Muslim Migration

Some European countries have been lax about their immigration laws. Their leaders felt that they should allow mass Muslim migration because Muslims deserve a better life in the Western world. It is true – not all the Muslims who flooded Europe are bad. And it is true – some DO want to integrate into Western society. But the problem is that many do not. Many want Sharia Law in the West. Many want to rape and murder innocent Europeans. And if a country allows mass immigration, they have no way to screen and separate between terrorists and those who just want to integrate.

And Germany is one such country that is suffering because of its open door policy.

Germany’s Been Suffering for Years

The destruction that migrants caused last New Years’ Eve. The murders. What is Germany waiting for? Its entire population to be destroyed? Its culture to be ruined? It is so obvious that something needs to change. These Muslim migrants do not care about following the law. They will do whatever they want, whenever they want. Law and order do not exist for them. Their lack of values is clashing constantly with the values of the West. And it is mind-boggling that Germany and other European countries do not seem to care. It seems that when it comes to Muslim migration, they follow the idea of “the more the better.”

And sometimes, that is just not the answer.

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