Gazan Man Risks His Life with Viral Videos Slamming Hamas

by Phil Schneider

The mass of young Arabs who live under Hamas or the Palestinian Authority despise their leadership. This is for very good reason. Hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian support comes in to boost up the Palestinian Authority. No more than a small fraction of this astronomic amount reaches the people on the street. The only way they receive support is if they join a militia to fight against Israel, and then they’ll receive a machine gun or missile launcher. That is where the humanitarian money ends up. Instead of providing hope, they promote terror and darkness. Ironically, the very support provided is what ensures the cycle of Arab terror in the Land of Israel.

This kind of attitude of this young and brave Arab is indeed representative of what so many young Arabs think. How can one truly know this? The best method is to speak to Arabs in hospitals or other places where Arabs and Jews mingle. There are of course, many Arabs who are all caught up in blind hatred of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. But there is a growing group of young Arabs who are aware of a free and happy world outside of their small world of difficulty. They don’t want all that much. They just want to work, earn money, and buy their children some gifts, and thank Allah.

That is the crux of this video. It’s rather difficult to watch, but it is very important to understand that one day, more and more Arabs inside the State of Israel will continue to see how their Arab cousins in Bahrain and United Arab Emirates are living. Instead of Readers Digest being the slow source of exporting American values, young Arabs see the cranes in Dubai on their cellphones. They know that their is an alternative, and they are now speaking out in support of it.

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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