GAZA Ceasefire! Seriously??? Deep Dive on the Why Netanyahu Agreed to It

by Avi Abelow

Why Did Netanyahu Agree to a Ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza? Watch this deep dive on the strategic situation to better understand this crazy situation.

A ceasefire with Hamas makes no sense whatsoever. Gaza is a terror launching pad and it has been for years. Hamas runs the place and not only launches rockets at Israel, but terrorizes its own people in Gaza. Yet the world would crucify Israel if we launched a military campaign to destroy the Islamic terror groups in gaza to end their attacks on innocent Israelis.

The state of Israel has a duty to protect Israeli citizens. The day is fast approaching that Israel will have to do what is necessary to destroy the terror groups in Gaza and their terror against us. I just with that time was now! Watch the video above to better understand the whole situation with the ceasefire. Unfortunately, you will quickly understand that it is very complex.

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