Gaza Border Heating Up. Hamas Shoot Mortars and Sniper Fire. IDF Respond & Kill 8 Gazans

by Avi Abelow

Hamas snipers shoot at IDF checkpoint. IDF responds. Arab report that eight Arabs have been killed.

The IDF said: “After an IDF force was fired upon in the course of the violent riots in the southern Gaza Strip, the IDF attacked several terror targets along the Gaza Strip, using aircraft and tanks.”

Residents in south ordered to remain near shelters while an Israeli soldier was seriously wounded and evacuated to hospital.

As we enter the Shabbat, the situation is considered very serious. As we go offline – please pray for Israel. Shabbat shalom.

According to Israel Defense Minister Liberman, Hamas leaders are pushing Israel into a situation “in which we will need to begin a wide-scale and debilitating military operation… I think that all the responsibility in such a case rests on the heads of Hamas, but unfortunately the civilian residents of Gaza will have to pay the price.”

Israeli Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet tweeted a prayer for IDF soldiers before signing off for Shabbat.

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