Former Radical Islamist Gives a Great Response to the latest Jew-Hatred

by Leah Rosenberg

This response by someone like Kasim Hafeez is remarkable. He was raised and taught to hate the Jewish people, and today he is one of the biggest supporters of the Jewish people standing up to the growing Jew-hatred.

Jewish Power and Influence? Enough of the Jew-Hatred

There are so many antisemitic slurs and tropes that are spread throughout the world. This response to the slur about Jewish power is important. Not only because of what is said, but it is amazing because of who said it. Kasim Hafeez used to hate the Jews. He was going to become a terrorist. He wanted to kill Jews. And now he is speaking out against Jew-hatred instead of perpetuating it. You can also hear his whole story in this interview with Avi Abelow here.

The antisemitic lies are absurd. And this video points that out. Jews have been targeted and persecuted, generation after generation. They are told they are pigs and termites. They are told they are powerful and control everything. The Jewish people are a tiny fraction of the people that make up the world. And somehow, they get all this negative attention – for just existing. For just wanting to live. For just wanting to follow G-d’s way in His land. No matter what the Jewish nation does, it cannot win.

It is shocking and horrifying every time there is more Jew-hatred. But then when you hear someone like Kasim Hafeez get up and defend the Jewish people, you are reminded of the good people who exist in this world. You are reminded that there is some sanity; that not every person is trying to kill the Jews – despite what it may feel like sometimes.

The people of Israel are taught to have Hakarat Hatov – gratitude – toward those who do good for them. We say “thank you” to those deserving of recognition. The Jewish people thank Kasim Hafeez for standing up for the truth.

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