New Information Shows COVID-19 Coverup Came From The Top

by Micha Gefen

With more and more evidence from around the world that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing a variety of adverse health conditions as well as death, more information is coming to light showing that the COVID-19 coverup comes all the way from the top.

A medical researcher, Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova who has written extensively against the COVID-19 vaccine has obtained documents implicating the DOD’s role in the coverup of COVID-19. vaccines.

“I have seen 400 contracts for everything: vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, the masks, even swabs tests,  staffing, logistics and everything related to COVID-19,” she told host Maria Zeee during the recent episode of “Maria Zeee Uncensored.”

These contracts are said to have been with the DOD itself – essentially meaning it was faked in order to push forward the approval process of the vaccine despite warnings from top doctors to hold back.

Latypova has written on the buried results of vaccine trials showing potential adverse effects to pregnant women.

In a recent article she writes the following:

I have written extensively about Pfizer’s and Moderna’s nonclinical studies that revealed in my professinol opinion what is clear harm for pregnancy and neonatal development. The studies were in FDA’s possession at the time the shots were authorized, yet the FDA chose to ignore the safety signals, and in case of Moderna’s product, they went even further and wrote an outright lie in the product’s summary document, stating that there was no vaccine related skeletal malformations in baby rats, while Moderna’s own documents admit that these were observed at a statistically significantly increased rate in vaccinated rats’ offspring.

Additionally, Pfizer’s own published study in reproductive toxicology showed nearly 300% increase in skeletal malformations in babies and doubling of the pre-implantation embryo loss in injected female rats. You will not find this information in the cheery title of the paper nor it’s abstract. You will have to “get deep into the cellar” to find the numbers in the tables of the results section.”  

If all of this is correct, it supports the main argument of those so called “conspiracy theorists” that have argued from the beginning that the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” was not only premeditated but done so to service both the elitists and pharmaceutical giants.

With more and more of the billions vaccinated showing clear signs of having adverse effects from the vaccines, real investigations must be undertaken to reveal the truth.

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