Former maid to Adolf Hitler speaks out decades later

by Phil Schneider

There are so many things to learn about World War II, but one of the most important things to learn is that the masses will easily follow a madman if they are struggling and the madman promises a better life. This is a very scary attribute about human nature, but it is unfortunately true. People who are struggling for an extended amount of time are easy prey for dynamic leaders – even if the leaders are horrible human beings. The promise of a much better life is like a drug that can hypnotize the masses.

The Few Who Lead the Masses

One of the most important things that must be learned from World War II is that the masses should never give up their right to bear arms. Even though fascism can still exist along with the the right to bear arms, it slows down the pace of dominating one’s own nation significantly. Madmen need to be stopped. Often, madmen will only be stopped by force. The right to bear arms allows people to not be taken over in a lightning fashion. Madmen, like many others in the world, tend to work in the direction where there is the least resistance. That is why checks and balances need to be instituted in any political system. The American political system is probably the best system. But, there are other countries that the United States and Israel should work towards building more checks that keep the countries from turning into fascist or terrorist states.

Syria is one example today of a failed country. A small minority has basically eaten up and defeated the majority in a ruthless civil war. The only reason that it is still on-going is because the opposition has weapons. But, since there are basically no check in place in a dictatorship like Syria, Assad is able to act as he wishes with nobody really putting an end to his actions. A more friendly dictatorship like Jordan is an example of where the United States and Israel have a vested interest in stabilizing the country. As long as Jordan is stable, it serves as a peaceful stabilizer between Iraq and Israel, and a buffer between Syria’s mess and the rest of the Middle East. But in order to stabilize the friendly dictatorship, the US and Israel should work to have Jordan take more steps in the Democratic direction. It should not become a democracy overnight. But, more and more decisions should be decided on by the majority. It is possible to have a few people lead the masses in a non-dictatorial fashion.

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