Nikki Haley calls out college campuses for antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

Nikki Haley stood up for the Jewish people and Israel during her time at the UN. And the former US ambassador to the UN is STILL speaking up! Why is she taking the time to stand up and speak out for the Jewish people and Israel? Isn’t she supposedly on a hiatus from public life for a bit in order to spend some more time with her family? The answer is yes. But, there is something inside of this woman that is very important. She has a strong moral conscience. She actually cares about things that are right and wrong, and has a hard time just sitting back while things that are clearly wrong are going on. So she stands up and speaks her mind – even from her home.

Future Presidential Candidate?

Does Nikki Haley have a future is in the Executive Branch? You Betcha! She absolutely does due to many things about the way she operates. First off, she is a rather young successful Republican woman. That will always raise eyebrows and create buzz. Her down to earth way of communicating clearly resonates. The main concern that some people had with her was her lack of foreign policy experience. But she made a wise tactical move when she accepted the offer from President Trump to serve in the UN. She, like so many others in the Republican Party, was not very comfortable with many aspects of Donald Trump the candidate. But she understood that he was the imperfect leader of the Party who could do alot of positive both locally and on the world stage. On a policy level, Donald Trump has often been right on the money. But she also knew that he was a capricious and shoot from the hip type of leader that could wreak havoc on the world stage. So, she did her time in the UN, gained super valuable foreign affairs experience as a loyal supporter of the policies of President Trump, and then swiftly got out before things went awry. That is a very impressive political play in this situation. According to nearly all accounts, she was a smashing success at the UN. She bucked wrong norms in a down to earth manner that was hard to oppose, and showed that the status quo sometimes needed to change when the status quo was morally reprehensible. But she didn’t scold. She spoke common sense. That’s exactly what the Republican party needs – common sense and moral clarity. Let’s hope she emerges in 2024 as a viable candidate for the top office.

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