The Israeli technologies that show how Israel is changing the world of medicine

by Chaya Cikk

These are some amazing Israeli technologies! How cool is it that such a young country, only 71 years old is coming up with amazing and life-changing things to help the world of medicine.

Israeli Technologies

Israel is a young country but has done so much to help the world in so many different fields. Israel has invented things like Waze to help you get to work on time. The Re-walk to help disabled people walk again. The PillCam, helps a Doctor look inside a patient’s body. The list is endless.

The Mazor Robotics Company was founded in 2001 in Israel. With the aim to help and improve life for not only the Doctor but also patients. The most recent change is these robots that can perform spinal surgery and these augmented reality helmets which provide doctors with a wealth of information during procedures. How cool is that? These platforms will help a doctor analyze millions of scans and diagnose patients. This could literally save thousands of lives. A true medical breakthrough.

Breakthroughs like this will change the world of medicine forever. Additionally, it will also help with the accuracy of the surgery. In the hope that there won’t be any mistakes and every surgery will go well. The recovery of patients will hopefully, also be faster.


I wonder what the Boycott Movement has to say about this breakthrough. Will they use it? No, of course not it was made in Israel. The exact country they want to boycott. Maybe they will change their minds and decide not to boycott Israel anymore. They will see the amazing things that Israel is doing in the World and try and support them not boycott them.

Finally, we can only hope there will be many more medical breakthroughs in the future. Changing the future of the World forever.

Col. Kemp

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