Footage of Gaza Rioters Throwing Explosives at the Security Fence

by Leah Rosenberg

Are these Gaza rioters peaceful, innocent protesters? Think again. They have been sent by Hamas. They are terrorists!

Gaza Rioters at Border with Israel

Hamas is behind all this chaos. These Gaza rioters are not what the Western World would call “peaceful.” And yet, because this is Israel we are talking about, people won’t stand up and defend the IDF against these criminals. Look at the rioters! They are throwing explosives and burning tires at the security fence. They are wreaking havoc on the border with Israel!

An IDF soldier was recently killed after being shot in the head by one of these Hamas-sent rioters. This is not some innocent game.

You can see how there are Gazan men dancing by the destruction that they cause. Pure evil. This is what Israel is up against. This is what the IDF is trying to defend Israel against. There is no negotiating with a culture like this one!

How much longer can these dangerous riots go on for?

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