Firecrackers & Violence Rock the Israeli Arab Village of Kfar Manda

by Avi Abelow

Using firecrackers for violence is not strange to the Arab residents of Kfar Manda, an Arab Muslim village in the Galilee area of Israel. With all the advances that Israeli society offers the Arab Muslim residents, some of them still resort to the tribal violence of less developed countries. In addition, some of them still hold on to the tribal Muslim animosity towards the Jewish State of Israel, even though their lives are much better off in Israel than in any other Muslim dominated countries.

Mass Violence

A fight between two families broke out in the village of Kfar Manda. What the fight was about is still unknown, and it really doesn’t make a difference. It’s the fact that the violence is used between family feuds in the Arab sector. They fired fireworks, threw stones, and attempted to ignite a house! There were no reports of any wounded and policemen arrived in the area for the detection and detention. This is not the first time.

Known Violence & Rioting

Hundreds of Kfar Manda residents rioted back in November after a feud between families at the outcome of the local elections. The police arrested 17 people.

When the police force arrived, villagers threw stones and fired firecrackers at the officers. Several police cars were damaged and an explosive device was found near one of the police cars. The Israeli police arrested 26 protesters. 

Local Resident Making Headlines

Recently, a local Kfar Manda resident is actually making positive news. Yet, many Israeli Arab Muslims are not happy with her move.

Israeli Arab Dema Taya, who also happens to be a woman, is running for a spot in Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party, in preparation for the upcoming Israeli elections. She is 25 years old and outspoken in her support of Israeli democracy, as the best place for Arab Muslims to live. Many of her fellow Israeli Arab neighbors in Kfar Manda are not happy.

Taya last year took part in public awareness campaign in the United States on behalf of Israel, sponsored by Reservists on Duty (an Israeli NGO seeking to expose and counter the BDS movement and new forms of anti-Semitism).

“The State of Israel is important to me on a personal level and is important for all minorities who live there,” Dema says. “I am happy to represent the state. My father is a liberal and taught me the meaning of co-existence.”


There are many in the Israeli Arab community who are unhappy with Taya’s outspoken support of Israel. Even though they all enjoy the freedoms and rights as full Israeli citizens, they still are against the State of Israel.

“We, the Taya family of Qalansawe are declaring to all that we are distancing ourselves from Dema Sayyif Taya Zidan (her full name). We condemn and categorically reject all her statements that were published by the media. She is not associated with us in any manner,” wrote the family.

“All that was said by her represents her views and not ours. We declare that we will not maintain any contact with her nor support her until she retracts her words and beliefs, and declares her allegiance to the people and religion that she is really a part of,” they added.

Taya says that the letter was not written by her family members, that it was false and signed by “criminal youth” and that she reported it to the police.

She said that she intends to defend Israel’s public image and influence the Arab sector through the ruling party. “As a Muslim woman, I can save the sector from those committing an injustice to the state,” said the young woman who declared that she intends to combat the BDS movement as well. When announcing her candidacy, Dema also praised the departure of MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List) from politics: “Knesset members like her don’t help and don’t represent me and many others.”

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