Shield of Honor – creating hope through Israeli football

by Leah Rosenberg

Sports is a great unifier. It brings out the best in most people – most of the time. Israeli football is the most prevalent sport in the country. It is very common to see major politicians at sports events as spectators. This resonates well with the masses in order to appear like they are connected to the masses.

Sports Heals

What happens once people enter an arena or a sports field is amazing. All of a sudden, the stereotypes fall away and people begin to associate with one another like regular human beings. This applies between different cultures – both between Jews and Arabs, and among many nationalities in the world.

However, Israeli football has the unique ability to bring together the younger generation in Israel. Nearly all young boys play Israeli football. Even those who are less skilled, participate on one level or another.

Is it the positive vibes that one feels in the outdoors? Is it the competitive instinct on something that truly doesn’t matter that provides healthy excitement? Or is it as simple as refocusing one’s mind on playing and not on struggling with something else? It is probably all of these and more.

But all in all, a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy outlook. More of these programs are needed to bring the world to a healthier place on all levels.

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