Find Out Why Tourists Will be Running to Visit This Israeli Highway

by Leah Rosenberg

Tourists come to Israel to visit many sites throughout the country. But do they know about this Israeli highway?

The Israeli Highway That’s More Than Just a Highway

You gotta love Israel. In the Jewish homeland, a highway is not just a big road. There is history to it. It’s a spiritual destination! This Israeli highway is a “Biblical” highway. It’s a road filled with more than just cars and scenic views.

What Yishai Fleisher said in this video should be heard throughout the world. The goal of making this highway into a tourist destination is to create education and love. The goal is not to create tension and more political strife. The Jewish people want peace. Too many people think that everyone who lives in Judea and Samaria are extremists. But that is just not true. Fleisher is an example of what Jews in Judea and Samaria believe. The Jewish people who know the importance of Judea and Samaria have no intention to give up their ancient, ancestral homeland. But they also have no intention to kick out peaceful Arabs. If only the world could see the faces of real Israeli settlers like Yishai Fleisher.

We want to live peacefully, side by side with Arabs – as long as they are willing to live peacefully as well. We want this Biblical highway to be a place where tourists and Israelis come in order to learn about the Bible and understand history.

Make sure a road trip along this Israeli highway is on the itinerary for your next trip to Israel! You won’t be disappointed.

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