Jewish Spokesman for Hebron Handles Anti-Israel BBC Interviewer Perfectly

by Leah Rosenberg

Yishai Fleisher could not have handled this BBC interviewer better than he did. She attacked, and he responded calmly each time.

BBC Interviewer Gets Shut Down by the Truth

Yishai Fleisher is the Jewish spokesman for Hebron as well as an advisor to Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir. Right when this anti-Israel BBC interviewer started asking questions, she was in attack mode. She wanted to harass Fleisher and Ben-Gvir. But she didn’t realize each time she asked a question that she would be calmly shut down with the truth and the facts.

The Jewish people are not out to provoke. We are here to live and inspire humanity by living as proud Jews in our homeland, doing our Jewish things on Jewish places, as detailed in the Bible, given to humanity via the Jews by the one above.

The world is constantly being told that Jews don’t have a right to our holiest site, the Temple Mount, the place where their previous first and second Temples stood and where our future third Temple will stand once again, hopefully soon.

Somehow, the world is told to stand with terrorist groups like Hamas who threaten Jews with terror and violence so we do not ascend our Temple Mount. This BBC interviewer thinks the Jewish people should give in to the demands of terrorists.

Thanks to Yishai Fleisher’s great interview, she now knows that the Jewish nation now has a government that will no longer appease our enemies.

Yishai responded perfectly to all of the provocative questions of the interviewer.

While she came with the intent to demonize Israel and the Jewish people in the interview, with no interest in actually hearing the truth, Fleisher proudly represented not only Itamar Ben-Gvir, but the Jewish people as a whole. He did not lose his composure at all.

This interview should be listened to by everyone. It represents how the world is constantly attacking Israel in every way.

Even if it won’t be today, the truth will ultimately prevail. And hopefully when that happens, this BBC interviewer will acknowledge the truth as well and be ashamed at how she acted.

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