Fascist Leftists Go Crazy at Ohio State University Ben Shapiro Event

by Avi Abelow

Ben Shapiro was invited to speak at Ohio State University. The fascist leftists came out in force in order to try to shut down the free speech of Shapiro and his supporters. Their antisemitic hatred for Israel was on full display as well.

“Long Live the Intifada” and “Free Palestine”?

The intifada is a violent uprising to kill Jews. “Free Palestine” and “from the river to the sea” chants support the total destruction of Israel. How come Ohio State students, who profess to be against violence and want to free their campus from “dangerous” rhetoric from Ben Shapiro, support violence against Jews as well as the destruction of Israel? Such hypocrisy screams to the high heavens!

The Hatred on Full Display as Conservatives Try to Talk with the Protesters

Safe Spaces on Campus

Why do students need safe spaces from Ben Shapiro? Shapiro only comes to speak. Why do students need a safe space from ideas? Isn’t that what Universities were supposed to be about? The free exchange of ideas? Something has gone very wrong on college campuses today where students are encouraged to shut down free speech instead of learn how to listen and debate ideas.


Fascism is a state of economic governance, where everything is the state. A strong sense of nationalism was also a component of fascism.  Some people on the left today try to tie fascism to conservatism because of the patriotic component that exists in conservative circles. However, in the economic/governance sense conservatism wants small government so that individual liberty can flourish. While progressiveness and the left support big government and a centralized state.

The left wants to place the resources of the individual and industry in the services of the centralized state, which is exactly what fascism was about. The Nazis were not a rightist conservative ideology.  They were leftist socialists, with a nationalist component. The Nazi party was the nationalist socialist party. They were not a right-wing movement, but a left-wing movement. This is a big misconception in the discourse today.

A key component of fascism is suppressing the opposition by shutting down free speech, and the marketplace of ideas, even by resorting to violence. This is what Antifa and these leftist protesters do today on college campuses.

While they pride themselves on thinking that they are the anti-fascists protesting against fascists, they are actually behaving like fascists! The only fascist component they are missing is the patriotic component.

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