Famous Rabbi’s Message From Over 10 Years Ago is Terrifyingly Accurate Today

by Leah Rosenberg

This famous Rabbi’s message sounds as if it was spoken today during this war against Hamas. You would never know that it was said years ago.

Famous Rabbi’s Message That Everyone Must Hear

Rabbi Noah Weinberg was an Orthodox Rabbi who started one of the most well-known Jewish educational organizations in the world, Aish. He passed away on February 5, 2009. His message was not said today during this war in Gaza against Hamas. But any person can realize how this famous Rabbi’s message is extremely relevant. His words are timeless. Jewish people worldwide need to hear this. The whole world needs to hear this!

It is really time that Israel and the Jewish people ignore world opinion when it comes to defending itself (and many other things). No other nation would ever be told to continue giving fuel and water to an enemy. No other nation would be told that there must be a ceasefire with a vicious terrorist organization. Only Israel is told to stop defending itself. The Jewish people must stop giving in to what the world thinks. Because we end up sacrificing our own when we don’t defend ourselves. The Jewish nation has contributed so much good to this world and taught the world its values. People need to wake up to the truth.

Enough is enough. As Rabbi Weinberg said, “If we’re proud, if we know who we are, if we know our destiny, the world needs us. We have nothing to be afraid of.”

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