Famous Black Jewish Rapper Gives Eye-Opening Insight on Antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

People might not realize this. But if someone like Nissim Black, a Black Jewish rapper, is saying it, then the world should listen up. Understand, Nissim Black converted to Judaism back in 2011. Before that, he was a successful black US rapper called D. Black. He knows what it is to live as a Black man in America and as a Jew.

Black Jewish Rapper Gives Insight on Antisemitism and Racism

Nissim Black is very well known. He has a unique perspective because he is a convert to Judaism.

He is a Black Jewish rapper who understands more than one world and culture. Nissim has found his niche with his rap music that, today, has a Jewish twist.

What he says about Jew-hating antisemitism and what he has experienced, is eye-opening. He is coming from an extremely rare place being that he is Black, was once not Jewish and is now a Black Jew. Nissim Black is honest and open here.

Jews have been persecuted for centuries upon centuries. They have been targeted, tortured, and murdered. Many have attempted to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish land. And yet, no one has succeeded. Antisemitism is not something new. It disguises itself in different ways at times, like as anti-Zionism, but it is all the same.

The Jewish enemy has still not learned its lesson. The Jewish people have been around for thousands of years and have seen larger nations come and go. The tiny nation of Israel has lived through it all. They have experienced the worst possible kinds of persecution.

And now Israel’s modern enemies think they will succeed in bringing the Jewish people down? Think again. The Jewish people are going nowhere. The only place they are going is home to their Jewish homeland. G-d has always protected His people, and nothing about that is going to change. Wake up, world. The Jews are here to stay.

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