Hilarious: The 15 Seconds That Sum Up Biden’s Presidency

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden has dawdled through his Presidency for two years now, struggling with clear health challenges. It actually is rather surprising that he has made it until now. But what is even more impressive is that people are seriously considering a reelection of Joe Biden in 2024 following the surprising midterm elections.

It is not only Vladimir Putin who chose to make his move due to the ineptitude that he noted in the Oval Office. China seems to be inching closer and closer towards attacking Taiwan. Iran is not feeling the pinch anymore. So, they are becoming more aggressive too.

But there will be other surprises – especially on foreign soil. One can argue that perhaps Joe Biden’s calmness is what was needed internally after the haphazardness of the Trump Presidency. But calmness is only one relatively unimportant value. Productivity, success, and world safety and stability are all more important values that were all much better under Donald Trump’s tenure.

Donald Trump will put up a big battle against any Republican challenger in the Republican primary. But nearly every other candidate that is mentioned these days would probably fare better in the national election against Joe Biden. But then again, that is what people said in 2016 and Donald Trump surprised nearly everyone. Never count the Donald out until he loses.

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