Famous African Americans admit shocking facts about racism

by Phil Schneider

Does racism exist in the United States? Or course – it exists in a country with hundreds of millions of people. Is it a major issue today? Well, actually, no. It is not a major issue in comparison to other issues that are much greater issues. For example, are personal responsibility and family values more important than issues of racism? Absolutely.

The issues today among the young African American population is not systemic racism. This is what so many networks will speak about. But as Roman J. Israel explains, “They are not locking up the 7 year olds.” So, why is this the case? It is because of the breakdown of the family unit in the United States. Is this due to a breakdown of family values in the United States in general? Perhaps. In many big cities today, there are astoundingly high numbers of broken families. This is not due to systemic racism, but due to systemic family breakdown. It is not merely an issue among black people. It is an issue that crosses all races and colors.

The next time that someone says that the United States is a racist country, remember the following facts: The northern states in the United States fought against the Confederacy in order to remove slavery from the United States. This was led by a white president. The United States voted into law the Civil Rights Law in order to change the norms of disrespect and discrimination against black people. This was done by a majority of white voters in Congress and the Senate. Oh and yes, it was enforced by a majority of white men in the police departments across the United States. This had ramifications that brought up the norms of respect and openness to the entire world for black people.

And one more thing, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States – twice. When the African American population deals with their core issues that start in the home, then there won’t be any need for policemen and policewomen – many of whom are African American – to make sure that neighborhoods are not burned down and looted.

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