Chants of “Dirty Jews” at Paris Anti-Racism Protest

by Avi Abelow

How sad and ironic that people were screaming “Dirty Jews” at an anti-racism protest in Paris!

Paris police are investigating after multiple participants were heard shouting “dirty Jews” at a demonstration in Paris focused on anti-racism.

The screams came after counter-protesters unfurled a banner that said “Justice for victims of anti-white crimes”. 

It seems to those French Jew hating protestors that Jews are considered white even though many Jews in France are actually Of Middle Eastern descent. The truth is that Jews are Jews. We are not white. We come in all colors, since we were dispersed across the world after the Romans expelled us from the land of Israel after they destroyed our Second Temple in Jerusalem. We have white Jews, black Jews, brown Jews and every kind of color you can imagine Jews.

Yet, somehow, in today’s world of hyper sensitivity to racism, Jews are considered white and it is ok to hate Jews. 

Racism is bad but Jew-hatred is somehow ok. 

This can also be seen clearly in the black lives matter movement. While the movement is obviously against racism, their platform is antisemitic.

This is the sad reality today. Yet, we Jews overcome the senseless hatred towards us as we always have. And we are blessed to be sovereign in our ancestral homeland once again. 

Blood Libel
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