New York’s politicians are completely against religion

by Leah Rosenberg

New York’s politicians won’t allow religious services because of COVID-19, but they are fine with violent rioters walking hand in hand? Ridiculous!

New York’s Politicians Have Lost it

New York’s politicians have gone mad. They approve of mass social protesting and the violent riots that have gone along with that, yet they won’t allow proper religious services, funerals, and more.

What has the world come to? What has America come to? Politics have become a game – a terrifying game. Political agendas have turned people into monsters.

But the thing is, it is no longer even about politics. What has happened is not about different opinions. The line of acting in a dignified way has been crossed.

Religion vs. “Social Justice”

During this era of COVID-19, it seems that when people want to stand up for what they claim to be “social justice,” then the law does not apply to them. But when people want to connect to their religion, that is not allowed.

Mayor De Blasio slammed the Jewish community for lack of social distancing (even though most communities have been following rules). He singled out one community when many others have also not been social distancing. He has embraced the lack of social distancing from other communities who are standing up for “justice.” But when it comes to the Jews? When it comes to religion? He has nothing nice to say.

Whoever doesn’t see the problem here is part of the problem.

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