Facebook refused to take action against a terrorist Facebook page

by Leah Rosenberg

Facebook refused to take action again against pages that should be taken down. This time, it was a terrorist page that they would not remove!

Facebook Refused to Take Action

It would be one’s hope that a company with so much power would be proactive in taking down pages that promote terrorism. But Facebook refused to take action against the Palestinian Authority Fatah Facebook page saying that it did not violate their standards. Really, Facebook? It did not violate your standards? Promoting the murder of Jewish people is acceptable? The PA glorifies terrorism. They name streets after murderers. And Facebook thinks that their Facebook page does not violate anything?Facebook should be a platform for many things – but not for terrorism.

The fact that Facebook’s response was that people find it “distasteful,” but that it does not violate Facebook standards is appalling. Distasteful is how you describe a bad smell. It is NOT how you describe terrorism!

Proof the PA Does NOT Want Peace!

Not only is it ridiculous that Facebook refused to take down the PA Facebook page, but it is ridiculous that the world still believes the leaders of the Palestinian Arabs want peace. Glorifying terrorism and the murder of innocent Israelis does not show peaceful tendencies. Praising murderers as heroes is not a step in the right direction.

And if Facebook refuses to acknowledge the purpose of the PA Facebook page and the “distastefulness” of it, well then Facebook – you are guilty too.

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