The EU Threatens Israel Over Sovereignty, But Can It Do Anything?

by David Mark

The EU along with the UN and regional Arab states have increased their threats and warnings over the coming sovereignty plan expected to implemented by Israel after July 1st. While in the past the EU has only grumbled when Israel built more communities in Judea and Samaria, now they appear to be ready to do something more.

The fact is, the EU is no longer a monolithic bureaucratic beast, but rather has multiple factions within it. True, the voice out of Brussels tends to be anti-Israel, but the Central European countries like Austria as well as the four Visegrad Group members made up of (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland) have been increasingly friendly to Israel. These five or more countries have formed a counter weight to Brussels and will prevent any sanctions after Israel’s move.

So why all the fuss about sovereignty?

With the EU in disarray and a friendly US administration, Prime Minister Netanyahu understands correctly that the timing is perfect to extend Israel’s sovereignty. This is exactly why the global forces opposed to Jewish sovereignty almost anywhere are now banding together. They understand that Netanyahu is not bluffing and it is this exactly this reason that they fear the “unthinkable” may happen.

For Europe, the Jewish return to our ancient homeland has always been a double edge sword. On one hand, they were washed of the Jewish question and on the other hand, the return itself cements the notion that history is in fact a clear message from the Creator that all he has promised is now coming true.

We must remember that Europe, at least Western Europe was in modern times driven by the French Revolution, which unlike the American Revolution divorced G-D from rights. Israel’s return tears apart the notion that G-D has forsaken his people, calling into question the central humanist perspective that has driven Europe for over 200 years.

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